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Sky Health Care Center

Welcome on our website!

Actualy, we are looking for funds to open our first Centers

The first Center will be open in Philippines

The Centers goals are the following

Provide Customers with High Rated Services, (SPA, with Hammam, Sauna and massages) at a normal price.

Providing a free of charge kindergarden for kids up to 8 years old, and some free services for Locals.

We will hire and train locals, providing standard salaries to help local community.

We will include a small restaurant, that will provide healthy food.

The First Center targets

Provides a roof for 2 local families, so they can send their childs to High Schools, the parents will help with the Center,
as workers in the restaurant and in the kindergarden in exchange, as they have the skills and diplomas for those positions.

We will hire at least, from the beginning, 9 locals to work in the center
 as massotherapists/cashier/diet&sport consultants & trainers/cleaners

Every massotherapist will receive more training, in local schools or by myself

Cashiers will be trained in languages to reach 4 languages minimum

Diet & Sport Consultant/Trainers will also receive courses for QiGong and Tai Shi training

Cleaners will receive specific courses on SPA cares, and will also be allowed to chose a training/course of their choice

The First SPA will have a Hammam, a Sauna, 4 massages rooms, 2 double massages rooms,
separate changing room with lockers, 2 showers and 2 toilets.

A kindergarden for 16 kids, with one adapted toilets.

A restaurant with about 24 places, with 2 toilets.

The workers will have their own changing room with shower and toilets, with a rest zone, they will have their meals made for free,
by our Cook from the restaurant and they will be allowed to eat amongst the customers, or outside for their break as they want.

Access for disabled people will be integrated to all services, it will be the first Center in Philippines with access to disabled persons!

Documents for Promoters, Investors and Partners can be found here

For more informations about how to help, you can either contact me, or check the links at the top of the page

Many thanks for your time, do not hesitate to share to support us!